Difference Between Commercial & Residential Cleaning

residential vs commercial cleaning

Cleaning is important regardless of the amount of whether it’s a residential or commercial property. A neat and tidy space promotes relaxation. For offices, it’s critical to hire a dependable workplace janitorial office cleaning company in Sydney that can provide you with a thorough commercial cleaning service. This is also the same if you have a residential property. But what are the differences between commercial and residential cleaning?

It is true that the equipment, methods, and techniques which are used in these two types of cleaning have slight differences. Although both of them are done to ensure a healthy and well-organised environment, they are different in terms of the scope and nature of the services that are offered as well as the expectations. To better understand both of these cleaning services, you need to understand what the key differences are. In this article, we will be discussing why commercial cleaning services are different from residential ones and why different cleaners are needed for commercial and residential properties.

So let’s get started with our discussion.

The Purpose They Serve

Residential Cleaners

The nature and type of services that professional cleaning companies offer are one of the main differences between commercial and domestic cleaning. Most Sydney locals don’t have enough time to do thorough cleaning because they have such busy schedules and lead such fast-paced lives.

A housekeeper is responsible for keeping their house cleaned and organised every day. If you live with pets and children you need to ensure that your floors, furniture, and rooms are germ-tree and tidy. This is where professional residential cleaners can help. They have all of the right resources and techniques to get your whole house cleaned just how you want it.

Since it just includes regular cleaning chores like removing dust and grime from the bathroom, vacuuming carpets, and washing floors, it doesn’t require as much effort as commercial cleaning does. You can, in fact, clean your own house. You can do it easily if you know what the right processes are and you have the right cleaning tools for the job.

Commercial Cleaners

By contrast, a great deal of money, time, and expertise are required by commercial cleaning. A well-managed and tidy environment may be useful for your employees and company. Highly-trained cleaning teams, professionalism, and large cleaning equipment are needed to achieve high-quality results. Business owners need to ensure that their industrial or office premise is clean and that employees have a healthy environment to work in.

Although residential cleaning involves activities that relate to disinfecting kitchens, sanitising bathrooms, and removing dry dust, moulds, grime and, stains, commercial cleaning focuses on disinfecting pantries and washrooms, managing workstations, purging hazard wastes, and other heavy cleaning activities.

The Space being cleaned

Residential Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning processes, the amount of space that needs to be cleaned and organised really matters. Compared to cleaning a large office facility, cleaning a house is fairly easy. The house cleaning process involves cleaning a two or three-bedroom house along with the balcony, bathroom and kitchen. It is easier to get the process started since you know which areas need deep cleaning.

Commercial cleaners

By contrast cleaning an office space with dozens or even hundreds of workers can be daunting as you need to recognise all the high use and high contact areas which require additional cleaning. Organising the cleaning schedule and scope for a large office building or facility requires expertise and time. You need to create a plan and manage everything before you start the commercial cleaning process, getting a proper cleaning plan in place has gotten even harder ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started.

In-depth cleaning is required by commercial cleaning in Sydney, and you need to clean the carpets and windows, workstations and reception area, drawers and desktops, stairs and toilets, door sliders and lifts, etc. That is why it is much better to hire a highly-trained and professional cleaning company that can clean all different types of properties, including retail shops, commercial buildings, industrial units, corporate offices, etc.

Another type of cleaning that is very different from both commercial and residential cleaning is construction cleaning, for more information on this you can check tips for construction cleaning.


Office Building Cleaning

The Cleaning Duties

Residential Cleaning

The checklist for residential cleaning companies include –

Scrubbing wash basin, sinks, countertops, taps, etc.
Vacuum the carpets
Oven or BBQ cleaning
Clean glass
Dust all furniture
Remove cobwebs
Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors

Commercial Cleaning

The responsibilities for commercial cleaners are similar with slight differences and include –

Topping up consumables like paper towels
Floor cleaning and mopping
Dusting cabinets, shelves, cubicles and desks
Wiping down bathrooms
Cleaning toilets
Mopping stairs and fire exits
Emptying Wastebaskets


The techniques, processes, and purpose of cleaning residential and commercial properties vary in significant ways from each other. So before you hire a cleaner for your office, make sure they have the experience required and make sure to check out our article about how to choose an office cleaning company

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