How to Choose an Office Cleaning Company

How to choose an office cleaning company

Keeping the office space clean is of utmost importance for higher staff productivity. The vast majority of businesses will find great benefit in hiring a Sydney commercial cleaning service to handle this chore.

There are good reasons to select either option, but many times outsourcing this task to a professional cleaning company is the most convenient and suitable option.

A commercial cleaning company brings a specific set of benefits, such as, the full understanding of what it takes to keep an office clean and presentable to business associates and clients. Availability is another big plus in choosing a professional route to office cleaning. Your typical cleaning company will be able to choose cleaning schedules that best suit your needs, even if it means showing up after regular business hours.

Following are some helpful tips and pointers in searching out a reliable cleaning company –

Make Sure They Have Insurance

Any good cleaning company has been in the business long enough o know the importance of having their work licensed and insured. You will also want to choose the cleaning company that works with a stable hired staff rather than cash recruits as they will be more likely to compensate you for any injury or property damage. And never forget to check up on their company licensing.

Ensure They Are Professionals

It is a good idea to investigate the hiring procedures of any cleaning companies you are thinking of signing on for this very high-level of responsibility. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing that the cleaning crews in operation in your office are all trained, experienced qualified and trustworthy professionals who will get the job done right as if you had done it yourself, but considerably faster. Look for company IDs and an identifying uniform as this is a hallmark of serious office cleaners.

Ask about their Cleaning Process

Most companies will be happy to describe for you their special brand’s cleaning process and excellent record of customer satisfaction and you should be concerned if they don’t. If they have a finely tuned cleaning process they probably developed this after extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Do staff Members Keep a Copy of the Cleaning Checklist?

Most established cleaning processes will have a checklist format that covers all the important tasks that must be accomplished in an easy to read format. Ask about how these checklists work. Do all staff members carry one? What is common procedure on especially difficult messes or stains? What sort of cleaning agents are provided for cleaning? Will they be cleaning the tops of the doors, door handles, ceiling fans, windows, wastebaskets and walkways? The more questions you ask the clearer your understanding of the service to expect.

Are They Local?

It is a good option to select a cleaning agency in your local area. If they have the company’s headquarters in your town, that’s even better. This will ensure that there will always be a full staff available for addressing your needs. The last thing you want is to arrive to a messy office and receive a demure apology about being understaffed the night before. A local company will also allow you to speak to the company representatives face to face if the need arises.

Ask if they have an MSDS list

Ask about their Material Data Safety Sheet as these form an important part of safety procedures in companies working with chemicals and dangerous compounds. The office cleaning company you are considering should be able to provide a MSDS for each of the chemicals they use even if they are not especially dangerous. These are typically printed in English and made available to all member of the company staff. There should also be bilingual options available for non-English speaking members of company staff.

Will you be offered a Flexible Cleaning Schedule?

Professional cleaning companies are accustomed to working around the business hours of the offices they clean. If you will convening an important night meeting during regular cleaning hours, they should be able to reschedule and come at a better time. The convenience of the client should be foremost when deciding on a regular cleaning schedule and making any unplanned adjustments at a moment’s notice.

Skilled cleaners can handle all aspects of the cleaning process from the windows and desks to computers and carpets. You can expect proper cleaning agents to be applied appropriately to various surfaces and a final effect that preserves the health and aesthetic value of your working space.

Final Notes

If you run a busy office and care about the health of your employees, use a professional cleaning agency which knows what they doing. There is no reason to let minor tasks like dusting and washing keep you from focusing on your core business. You can also get more tips by checking out our office cleaning checklist to get more information on how to keep your office nice and clean.