Tips for Post Construction Cleaning

Tips for construction cleaning

After renovating your home you are faced with the tedious task of having to clean up. This is a task you face whether you did the renovation yourself or hired a contractor. The problem is that post-construction cleaning can be one of the hardest tasks associated with renovations. If you are facing this task, there are some tips that you can use to get the dust off your walls and the construction waste from your floors.

We aren’t After builders cleaning experts so for this article we consulted with our good friend Khaled Abbas from SK Renovation & Builders Cleaning who has been cleaning for builders and on construction sites for over 30 years.

Before You Start the Post Construction Clean

According to Khaled, the first step in post construction cleaning is to ensure the dust from the construction area is contained while you are doing the renovation by sealing off areas which aren’t being renovated. To contain the dust, there are some preventative measures that need to be taken that will save you a lot of time and energy. These measures will also protect you from carcinogens and toxins that a lot of construction dust contains.

The first measure is to protect your furniture and belongings. Everything that you can, should be moved to a different room. This will reduce the need to clean construction dust from the upholstery. Cabinets that are easy to move should also be taken to a different room. Additionally, make sure the doors are shut and it is good to also seal off the doors to prevent dust going through the gaps.

Equipment Needed For Post Construction Cleaning

You need to have a lot of trash bags and a lot of rags. A good vacuum and brooms with strong bristles and a push broom. Dustpans, mop buckets, wringers and hoses are also required. You need to have scrub pads, scrub brushes, mop heads, upholstery tools, step ladders, industrial cleaning bins and ladder bumpers. For protection, you need dusk masks, eye protection and rubber gloves.

For cleaning your windows, you need buckets, strip washer, a squeegee, rubber blades, extension poles and razor blade scrapers. Steel wool may also be required along with a putty knife and extension ladder.

Dealing With Construction Debris

The mess left after construction may seem impossible to clean. To make everything more manageable, you should be clearing larger pieces of debris daily. There will often be drywall, lumber and other garbage all over the area so by clearing this you will also be reducing hazards on your building site.

As you do this, you need to keep an eye open for bolts, plastic tarps, tape, drop cloths, staples and other hazards. The construction crew did not leave everything to make your life miserable, but it can seem this way. However, you need to be prepared to pick up a lot of trash and debris as part of your cleaning.

Clean The Ceilings And Lights

Construction work results in a powdery residue being left on everything and will travel all the way up to your ceiling and lights. If you do not, the efficiency of the bulbs will be reduced by up to 30 percent. When they are used, they will also produce an unpleasant smell. Before you dust the bulbs and clean the fixtures with a soft cloth, you need to turn off the electricity.

Cleaning Hard Floors

When you inspect your floors, you are going to be shocked by the state they are in. However, you should not worry because they can be cleaned. All construction work will be messy and your floors are going to take the brunt of this.

Before you clean, check the floors for damage and then start mopping, waxing and polishing. If you have any damage to the wood, you have to get in touch with the contractor. They should handle the repairs of the floor if they caused the damage.

Cleaning The Walls And Baseboards

Work boots will cause scuffs on the baseboards while heavy equipment can ding the walls. You should look at your interior walls for any minor damage that you can patch and paint over. After you have repaired the walls, you need to clean them. You can use dishwashing liquid and water or a Magic Eraser to clean the walls.

Cleaning The Windows And Mirrors

Dirty windows are terrible while opaque and dirty mirrors are not far behind. You can easily restore the shine with products that have been made for heavy-duty window cleaning. When cleaning, you should work from top to bottom and be prepared to repeat the process. A dry cloth polish can finish off the cleaning like a pro.

Check Cabinets, Closets And Drawers

This is one of the overlooked aspects of post-construction cleaning. Drawers and closed doors will not protect the inside from construction dust. This is why you need to visually inspect all your closets and drawers then clean them with the best method for the material.

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